The Most Excessive Items of 2009

Haute Living loves high-tech splurges on the best and most interesting products, and it would be hard for anyone to remember that we’re in a recession by the looks of this list of opulent items we have gathered. Here are our most luxurious and excessively priced items of 2009:

1. Clapton’s Custom-Made Hermes Crocodile Guitar Case
$100,000 for a guitar case that’s empty?! Well, it’s not just any guitar case, it’s the Eric Clapton Hermes crocodile guitar case. Made especially for the Martin 00028 EC acoustic guitar, it has fine crocodile skin on its exterior and blue velvet in it’s interior.


2. 30 Years Outside the Box
Possibly the most elaborate and extensive CD box, Sony’s Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box has not only got the attention of music lovers this holiday season, but also luxury lovers. The complete set includes 90 CDs (every original album Yo-Yo Ma has recorded to date), two bonus discs featuring the first release of John Williams’ Suite from Memoirs of a Geisha for Cello and Orchestra, entirely re-mastered with DSD technology, a 312-page hard-bound book, a beautifully designed velvet-lined box, numbered limited-edition with letter of authenticity, a rare archival of photos, essays, full track lists, original liner notes, and more.
All for just $632.99.

Picture 13. Diamond-encrusted Bluetooth headset by Plantronics
Most people only use their bluetooth headsets for talking on the phone without the use of their hands, but after spending $50,000 on this Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset, you may think about leaving it on even when it’s not necessary.

4. Kings Button Diamond-Encrusted iPhone

On second thought, maybe you won’t have a hard time taking off that headset as long as you’re picking up this iPhone. Among the total 138 diamonds on this phone, there is a  6.6-carat diamond located on top of the handset’s Home button. In addition, the case has been remade with 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold-and has a $2.5 million dollar price tag.

5. Fendi Bike
Nothing like riding a bike in style. This commuter’s dream is worth $5,900.

6. Swarovski x Adidas Jeremy Scott Wing Crystal sneakers

For $3,697, you won’t be missed in these blinged out kicks, but hurry! The White Crystal Christmas collection will only be available from December 7th to January 2nd.

Picture 2
7. The CastOven Microwave Oven
This microwave is perfect for those of you who are bored and impatient during the 30-60 seconds it takes to heat up those leftovers. Two researchers of Keio University decided to put a 10.4 inch LCD screen on the front of a microwave oven to play videos of the exact time duration as the food item being prepared.