Party at Mi Casa

The Casa De Campo resort in the Dominican Republic got some fabulous guests and was the host of an even more fabulous party this past weekend all thanks to none other than Miss Beyonce herself. Beyonce put together one heck of a celebration in honor of husband Jay Z’s 40th birthday. Guests present were Kate Hudson, A-Rod, Oprah, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and of course, the main man, Diddy himself. Beyonce flew the star pals out on private jets to ensure the ultimate birthday party arrival experience. The birthday bash had an old-style gangster theme and had a plethora of uber cool events. Fireworks, double dance floors, and synchronized swimmers were just some of the happenings on the agenda. Now I’m not quite sure how the synchronized swimmers fit into the whole gangster scheme but whatever I guess. Anything to shock, surprise, and create buzz. The clan rented out a “mansion,” which, I’m assuming is one of the resort’s pimped-out villas, but if you want to visit the resort but can’t afford a “mansion” or the synchronized swimmers for that matter, the prices for a single room are surprisingly low. This weekend, you can book a room for only $195. That’s dirt cheap considering the fabulous location and the visiting clientele. If Beyonce and Jay Z think it’s cool, I’m sure you will too.

Via: Hotel Chatter