Palo Alto Chateau Adore

Palo Alto Loire Chateau was finally been completed with furniture and all. Interior designer David Desmond has managed to bring a little 18th Century French royalty to the San Francisco Bay. While landscaper Thomas Klope tied the whole package together with manicured lands and an impressive fountain.

Set on 18 acres of hilltop California land, the home has a north wing with a ballroom for royal worthy parties, a wine cellar, home theatre and spa/gym. The south wing functions as the lavish sanctuary of the family rooms and bedroom suites.

Enough on the floor plans, the buzz is no the interiors of this mini castle. Fan or not of the Marie Antoinette style, the chateau’s décor brings a sense of grandeur to the home. Chandeliers hang in practically every room, while floral and brocade prints drape the windows and couches.

b_46_9 -Chan_UpstairsHall
The home brings in a little of everything. Clearly aiming for a classical vibe, it also pulls inspiration from Asian, Roman and French culture. More images can be viewed here.

Via: Home of the Rich, Hablinsky Manion