Oscar de la Renta Knows Women

Fashion mogul Oscar de la Renta reflected on how roles have changed for women over the years, and has now dubbed the 21st century, the “Century of the Woman.” Always translating his understanding of the needs of women into the most beautiful designs in the fashion world, he remembers a time when women had to ask their husbands for permission to buy a dress, and is happy that now women’s lives include careers, family, glamour and travel, and is excited about the challenges that the complexity of women’s lives today holds for fashion designers. “I always say that the 21st century is the century of the woman, where women are able to be acknowledged for things that they have always been, but never got credit for,” the fashion icon says. “Today, every single woman knows that the power of femininity, even in the workplace, is important.”

For everyone, “haute” couture usually has an elite meaning in the fashion world, but for de la Renta, his passion is applied to every means of his work. “For me, ‘haute couture‘ simply means custom-made clothes. That’s what haute couture is all about. There’s no difference in the way you design a ready-to-wear collection and the way you design a haute couture collection,” he explains. “If we’re talking about my ready-to-wear, which is a very expensive ready-to-wear line that I’ve been doing since I started working many years ago, for me, it’s a labor of love, doing things you like, trying to learn something new every day, and trying to understand your consumer and your customer.”

It is in fact his experience in creating lovely works of art to flatter the women of the world that has helped him gain an understanding of what women desire, and how they want to always feel. “In the old days, we always used to have a bride at the end of a fashion show. Of course, thats something that is no longer part of the fashion panorama,” he says. “I would say that the wedding dress is all about the essence of femminity. Every girl wants to look in a way that makes her feel beautiful and romantic.”

pictured with Jessica Biel

Via: Four Seasons