Lunching With Bouchon

LA’s famed Bouchon of Beverly Hills is now open for lunch, an incredible offering from such an in demand, exclusive gem of a dining locale. This only means one fabulous thing-luxurious lunch dates galore! I’m already replaying the infamous Sex and the City lunch date scenes in my mind. Though those fabulous four wined and dined in New York for lunch, their midday meetings were ultra hip, fantastic, and LA-posh just the same. So now that Bouchon is open for lunch, ladies wanting to emulate the New York girls and their New York lunch dates have the perfect setting to do so in.

Chef Keller’s lunch menu offers French bistro food at its finest, wish dishes like terrine de foie gras and beignets of salted cod. Before you can dive into these lunched-out luxuries though, you must first make your way to the dining room, which is located on the second floor. And to do this, you have to make a grand entrance up the grand staircase, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re as fabulous as you should be, lunching at Bouchon and all. And you better not mind being on display either, because you definitely will be, as you climb the giant stairs and make your way pass the bar filled with elites choosing to take the Cristal and caviar route for lunch instead. Consider making the way to your table your well-deserved five seconds of fame because that’s just about how Bouchon makes you feel. Everything about the restaurant certainly has a way of making you feel special, like all eyes are on you. Upon completion of your lunch, if you’re feeling really over-the-top, or just don’t want to get back to the “real” world, you must order the crème brulee, one of Keller’s most talked about dishes on the dessert menu.

As if Bouchon wasn’t already fantastic enough, this whole open for lunch concept brings them to yet, another fabulous level. So break out your chicest ensemble, grab that classic but super special Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag that you have stored in the back of your closet, and do lunch with Bouchon. Do it just once and I promise you’ll be hooked.

Via: LA Times