Gambling for a Good Cause

Not all vices are bad ones. A mysterious gambler who goes under the alias “Robin Hood 702” chooses needy families and gives them his winnings, and we can bet he’s a having a great time doing so. The Daily Telegraph told a story about one couple who were flown to Las Vegas, treated to first-class flights, and were given a suite in the Palazzo hotel. Once there, the gambler met them and proceeded to use his own money to win them money. He went down hundreds of thousands of dollars before he won $35,000 for the couple.

On his website, he happily invites people to submit videos asking for help, and if selected, he will try to win up to $50,000 for them. He has already given several television interviews with his face in shadow, has been featured on Fox News, and has reportedly won and lost six-figure sums in a single night. Dr. Schulze from recently agreed to also help out a family and will be picking them from one of the submissions on the Robin Hood 702 site.

Via: Luxist