Christian Dior Graces Christmas With Its Fashion

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree? For those craving something different for the holiday season take a gander at what the Claridge Hotel has in store.

This year Christmas has gone haute couture with a unique and rather unconventional décor. In the city of London, sitting at the grand entrance of the luxe Claridge sits a rather interesting holiday tree. And to whom to we owe the thanks for bringing us this piece of chic perfection? None other than Creative Director, and all out genius designer John Galliano, that’s who.

The ultra chic hotel, requested Christian Dior to design a festive tree for the holiday season. And boy did he deliver. Making history as well, in the 112 years of its existence this is actually the first time Dior agrees to design their Christmas tree.

Now don’t expect branches full of fir or red and green ornaments, or even the teensiest bit of tinsel. I’d venture to say the tree has more of a winter wonderland safari vibe than Mama’s cozy Christmas.  Bare branches in a bluish white, snow leopards, dragonflies and yes-even parrots are what you will find this year. The design is intended to mirror Christian Dior style and the hotel’s art deco vibe. Pretty bold moves considering many are not willing to negotiate changes on Christmas.

This could possibly be the most stylish Christmas tree in history. I just hope Santa knows where to leave the gifts.

Via: Born Rich, Fresh Home, Daily Mail