Cappellini Limited Forever Event

Giulio Cappellini and Giampiero Di Persia hosted a celebration of Cappellini’s Limited Edition collections, “LIMITED FOREVER” and “HOMAGE TO MIAMI,” and celebrated Cappellini’s official participation and sponsorship of Design Miami 2009 on December 1. More than 400 of the design world’s elite mingled with design lovers and the admired Cappellini team. Giulio Cappellini, Dror Benshetrit, and François Azambourg were present for the launch in the 8,200 square-foot Cappellini/Poltrona Frau showroom. Other notables in attendance included Dario Rinero, CEO of Poltrona Frau Group S.p.A., and Federico Materazzi, general manager for the Americas of Poltrona Frau Group S.p.A.

The presentation of “LIMITED FOREVER,” a limited edition collection of Cappellini’s timeless designs from 2005 to 2009, included products from renowned talents including Marcel Wanders, Francois Azambourg, and Fabio Novembre. Within this exhibition, Cappellini also presented, “HOMAGE TO MIAMI,” which consisted of two exclusive, newly designed products made specifically for Art Basel/Design Miami 2009 by Giulio Cappellini and Tom Dixon.

Dror Benshetrit hand painted one of the first pre-production works, the “Red Marking,” his Cappellini 2009 premiere felt chair. His hand-painted markings highlight the process of improving and perfecting the model before production. Tom Dixon and Giulio Cappellini’s “Homage to Miami” Limited Edition collection will be produced in quantities of 24 per design, while Dror Benshetrit’s “Red Marked” Peacock Chair is a one of a kind collector’s piece signed and inscribed by the designer.

“The right scope of the designs is to make the products functional and beautiful; multifaceted designs are always close to the art world,” said Giulio Cappellini. Giulio Cappellini’s Bong Miami table, in turquoise blue with a hand painted floral theme, embodies the essence of the sub-tropical nature of Miami. Tom Dixon’s S-Chair Miami, with seat area done in turquoise blue Pelle Frau leather and the back, Polinesia Pelle Frau dark aquamarine colored leather, is a subtle reference to the calming nuances of the ocean. Each piece has an attenuate palm detail paying tribute to Miami’s art and architectural evolution throughout the years. Dror Benshetrit’s hand painted Peacock Chair will highlight how the intricately crafted and magnificently structured chair takes its perfected form.

In keeping with Cappellini’s pioneering techniques, the products designed for Design Miami 2009 were sophisticated in design, color and texture, and paid homage to the history of Miami’s art, architecture and energy of the thriving “Magic City.”


Giulio Cappellini, Ann Eisenberg, Robert Oberschlep, and Jason Stewart
Giulio Cappellini, Ann Eisenberg, Robert Oberschlep, and Jason Stewart

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