Adam Platt’s New York Dining List Available Now

New York is known for its overwhelming number of delicious dining hot spots, and prolific eater Adam Platt always lists the best places to eat at the end of each year. During this year’s assessment, which has come out today, Platt and his team mention of the best of all categories in dining (dividing them into 11), listing hotel dining spots, Italian restaurants, seafood spots, Southern cooking, Celebrity-studded areas, unexpected haute dining, and high-end burger joints. He also listed the city’s best new restaurants including Aldea, the Breslin, Minetta Tavern, Sho Shaun Hergatt, Seasonal, A Voce Columbus, Sorella, Vinegar Hill House, and Maialino, and specifies on best desserts, cocktails, and chefs. To view Platt’s best ofs, visit his New York Magazine article.

Via: Eater NY