Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Surprise for Boyfriend Vladislav Doronin

“Nothing, I have everything I need”…”Ok, but I need to get you something…” While that conversation is nothing short of annoying for us non-celebs, imagine what it’s like for gorgeous supermodel Naomi Campbell and her equally striking Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin.

Campbell recently had to deal with the annual birthday decision of what to get a man who, quite literally, has everything. Cue creativity!

The breathtakingly beautiful couple enjoyed a lavish trip to Morocco for Doronin’s birthday as Campbell channeled her creative side and pulled together a “little” surprise for her longtime boyfriend. Campbell chartered a private jet to fly them to Morocco where she reportedly further surprised him with a life-size sports-themed cake with a boxing ring, race cars, and rackets on it. After partying all night, the couple boarded a jet to Abu Dhabi before flying to Tanzania, where Campbell made some time for charity with White Ribbon Alliance.

The power-pair is renowned for their generosity both towards one another and towards others and so it’s anyone’s guess on how Doronin will return the birthday favor once Campbell’s birthday rolls around, but expect it to be big.