Ivanka Trump: Oops, I Did It Again

Newlywed Ivanka Trump had a semi-showdown with The View personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thursday morning. Seemingly the instant Trump walked out with her mother, Ivana, Hasselbeck screechingly asked where her wedding band was. Omnisciently, Trump coolly responded that she left it on her bedside table, to which Hasselbeck continued to direct the conversation back to herself, revealing how once you get used to the ring “you just don’t even take the ring off. You keep it on. It gets dirty…But in the newlywed stage, you clean it and take care of it.” Meow. Trump defended herself, saying this was one of two times she had forgotten, and felt a bit naked without the ring. But wait…Trump points out she’s been married eight days—twice in eight days?! Technically, she’s already “forgotten” a quarter of her marriage. Poor Jared Kushner.