An Animal-Friendly Fashion Gala

The Humane Society of the United States’ fifth Annual Cool vs. Cruel Awards took place on Wednesday night at The Bowery Hotel in Manhattan. More than 200 supporters were present including designers Charlotte Ronson, Victoria Bartlett, Elizabeth Olsen, fashion photographer Nigel Barker, and Papermag’s Mickey Boardmen were all present to view the animal-friendly fashion designs by student finalists from major art institutes.

The designs of 16 finalists were displayed on mannequins many of which used materials such as silk, polyester, satin, felt and feather leather in an effort to create fashions which might appear to be animal-derived. Ingrid Bergstrom-Kendrick from The Art Institute of Vancouver, was the grand prize winner who created a gray felt dress inspired by the fall collection of Michael Kors. “I used felt and layered it on the sleeves to create the volume of animal fur,” she said.

Jeremy Hunt of The Art Institute of Indianapolis received the second place winner for designing a black cocktail dress of polyester satin with a textured basket weave skirt. Third place was given to Gilberto Alvarez of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for his creation of a mini-dress with an overlay of fake human hair that resembled fur.

Over the last few years there’s been a great effort in the luxury market to focus on a brand’s provenance and “made-how.” Stella McCartney is an example of a designer who has gone totally green. Her no-animal policy, like the creations of these aspiring young designers, serves as an example that ethically “cool” and “fashionable” can go hand in hand.

Via: Humane Society