The New York Room With No More Boom

If Andre Balazs can dream it, he can do it. Over time, the hotelier has successfully completed multiple projects throughout the U.S, each one creating a name and ultimately, a brand for itself. The Standard is probably his most well-known property, its unique features and boutique-like qualities standing out from the multitude of other wannabes. The reason for Balazs’ continuous path of success is because, quite honestly, there’s nothing or nowhere else that can even compare to his uniquely posh concepts. Poolside vending machines that offer designer swimwear? I mean, honestly, where does he come up with this stuff? Though I don’t have the answer, I’m not questioning it too much. Why mess with a perfectly good and cool thing? As long as he keeps producing perfection, I, along with everyone else with impeccable taste remain satisfied.

His latest endeavor is trying to conjure up a new name for the already successful Boom Boom Room nightclub. It’s not as if the name isn’t bringing in business or anything because the impressive club has already established a long list of loyal clientele. More so, the boom just isn’t quite as booming as it was first thought to be. Confused? Let me explain.

The New York hotspot inside The Standard offers a peak into classic elegance from the 40’s and 50’s and leaves you feeling as if you just stepped onto a film from the classically chic eras. Starburst chandeliers and golden fireplaces add to the already impressive decor and leave you feeling very vintage and very hip.

And the name totally coincides with the time it resembles. The Boom Boom Room couldn’t be more appropriate, but Balazs thinks otherwise and has a few other options floating around in that clever brain of his. One of them is simply “QT,” which stands for on the quiet. Balazs’ camp said they didn’t realize just how many other places with the same name existed. Well, I’ve heard of a few. But nevertheless, the name does roll off the tongue well, simple and sweet, although I don’t know how quiet and how well-kept of a secret the beautiful night spot will be. It’s already made a splash on the New York scene and comes up in conversations all around town and beyond. But no matter what name Balazs conceives, just because the boom is being removed from the room’s name, it definitely won’t be taken away from the ambience and environment. Trust me, that room will still have major boom.

Via: Urban Daddy, Black Book Mag