The Art Of All Things Louis

Louis Vuitton is an extraordinary designer, we all know that. Vuitton’s designs are all so classic that they are impossible not to have as staples not only in our closets, but our lives as well. You know as well as I do that as soon as humanly possible, we run out to pick up the newest, latest and greatest pieces released from the legendary designer. There’s no such thing as too great a length or too hefty a price tag when Vuitton is on the agenda. But do you really think you’ve seen every single collection? What about Vuitton art and architecture? Think you’re up to date on all of these? Well friends, fret no more.

It’s now possible for us all to brush up on our Vuitton history, collections, and ultimate successes. The book, titled “Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture,” is sure to leave our admiration levels at their all-time highest and ensures for those who may have not already been  dedicated clients, that they certainly will be even before turning the last page. The book highlights a critical selection of praise-worthy projects forged between Louis Vuitton and numerous designers from the worlds of art, architecture, design, photography, and fashion. It also contains essays written by other legendaries in the world of design world highlighting specific projects. The coffee table book takes up over 400 pages and offers up 400 color illustrations to tickle your Louis fancy.

The book is offered in three different languages: English, French, and Italian. Heck, even if we didn’t speak any of those languages, it would still undeniably be worth the purchase simply to browse and admire. So if your coffee table collection is in need of some sprucing up, this will definitely do the trick. And at $130, it’s like getting the book for free. And even better news, if you consider yourself a more dedicated Vuitton fan than most, there’s also a limited deluxe edition of the book designed by Takashi Murakami. Anything making up deluxe luxe is definitely my speed and yours too, I’m quite sure. However, if you’re still reading this, you’ve already made a mistake. Whatever your doing and wherever you are while reading this, stop it. Put your plans on hold and create a new one: heading straight in the direction of picking up either one or both of Vuitton’s books. And I’m not just suggesting this; I’m instructing you to do so. You can thank me later.

Via: High Snobiety, Luxist