James Bond’s Project X Rolex

James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, is the latest high-profile fan of a new London-based Rolex customizer, Project X Designs.

Project X was founded by Daniel Bourn, who also launched the London Watch Company in 2003. Project X produces it own Limited Edition Rolex designs in small runs, and the editions began with a custom Submariner and Daytona, which are already sold out.

Seeking to “provide a service to clients who appreciate the history and allure of original manufacturers’ brand name—guaranteeing maximum individuality that contemporary high volume production does not offer,” Bourn launched Project X in anticipation of a high demand for his product. His assumption was correct and along with celebrities such as Daniel Craig (who owns a Project X custom Submariner) and Kanye West (who owns a blackened out Rolex by Project X), customers love the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of Project X’s designs.

Project X is currently tailor-making a new luxury wristwatch with unique features for a leading Formula One Racing Team, carrying the company logo. Roger Moore, ex James Bond actor, has also commissioned Project X to design a watch for him.

The two main features of Project X are their bespoke editions, and limited editions. For the bespoke editions, Project X customizes their watches to match each client’s own specific personal preferences, and with the limited editions, they introduce a collectible limited edition of customized Rolex watches inspired by the classic models of Rolex from the past, in runs of 24.

Via: Luxist