Haute Ambassador: Suiting up in Duca Sartoria

Max Girombelli has been an Haute Ambassador of Men’s Fashion for our New York edition since we launched the program in 2007. In each edition, he uses his column to discuss the season’s trends, educating our readers about what is in style when it comes to tuxedos and winter coats to suits that are appropriate for the summer months. While previously our Ambassador columns typically ran as one long, flowing article, it was Max who first began to break it down into easy-to-read tidbits of info describing various styles available at his store, Duca Sartoria, pairing it with specific shots of the looks he was recommending. His columns received such great feedback from our readers that we asked all of our Haute Ambassadors to adopt this new style.

In this month’s “Suiting Up in Duca Sartoria” column, the congenial Italian talks about the return to the power suit. “In this economy, it is important to not only value your job but also be well dressed for it,” he states, and we couldn’t agree more. (Hence the overall increase in fashion coverage in Haute Living—and just wait until you see what we have in store for you in the next month’s issue. Here’s a hint: it involves a partnership with Fashion TV.) In the column, Max showcases four different styles of suits, including two windowpanes and one that he just calls “The Power Suit.” Don any of these looks and be sure to be the best-dressed man in any room you walk into.