Gagosian Art Store Opening, NYC

Some of New York’s biggest names have come together to celebrate what is quickly becoming known as a museum gift shop. Located in real estate tycoon Aby Rosen’s latest landmark building on Madison Avenue is super-art-dealer Larry Gagosian’s fresh New York art gallery, as well as his unique new art store.

Last week saw the art store, appropriately named Gagosian, have its exclusive private opening night with guests including artists Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, and passionate collectors such as Eli Broad and Ed Minskoff. Doctor to some of New York’s most infamous elite, Dr. Bernard Kruger, was also in attendance and noted, “This place is great! It’s an accessible spot for both regular people and over-the-top collectors.”

Over-the-top collectors, perhaps; but regular people…well, define regular. This is no ordinary gift shop and some of the items for sale here include a $275 Damien Hirst-signed poster of his infamous bejeweled skull, Jeff Koons’ puppy-shaped vases for $7,500, Damien Hirst pharmaceutical wallpaper (decorated with pill containers) for $1,000 a roll, a $375,000 Marc Newson marble credenza, and a Richard Prince Nurse Hat Chair for $175,000. But to be fair, some lower priced items are available as well, including a rare, beautifully bound catalogue of previous Gagosian shows for $100.

New York’s Visionaire magazine’s editor, Cecilia Dean, was also at the opening and commented, “I think this store is great. It’s ideal for someone who’s just starting to collect and this is their first foray or a younger person who’s still trying to figure out their taste.”

If you’d like to check out what all the high-end contemporary buzz has been about, then head on over to Gagosian and see for yourself. If you’re not in the market for anything in particular, I’d suggest leaving your wallet at home since reports have it that this New York art-collectors-dream-house is quite irresistible.

Via: Cityfile, The Wall Street Journal