American International Fine Art Fair, Palm Beach

The American International Fine Art Fair (AIFAF) in Palm Beach is celebrating its 14th year in true, and expected, style.

From February 3 to February 8, 2010, the AIFAF, which is considered the premier art, antique, and jewelry fair in the United States, will be held at the Palm Beach Country Convention Center. The fair will feature a  host of international art dealers who represent a wide range of disciplines, including fine art, classical antiquity, contemporary art, and even some of the most excellent haute and period jewelry in the world.

Fully vetted by leading museum curators and experts, over the years the AIFAF in Palm Beach has become an annual winter destination for serious collectors, museum curators, and connoisseurs alike. In order to maintain its impeccable reputation, the extremely prestigious fair adheres to strict guidelines in terms of what it will allow to be exhibited. For example, all European ceramics, glass, and crystal must have been produced before 1950, along with studio work, and any object which has been so heavily restored that it has changed its original nature, function, or artist’s intention is not acceptable and will not be exhibited.

If you’re interested in being a part of this exclusive annual event, head over to the Palm Beach Convention Center this February to see what truly exquisite art is really about.

Via: Luxist Awards