$75 million Portabello Estate Listing Expired

The magnificent estate, known as The Portabello due to its architectural mushroom resemblance, is officially off the market—but not due to reasons home owners typically love. The estate was not sold, but instead it is reported that the $75 million price tag was too high for potential buyers at this point, and the listing has expired.

Located in Corona del Mar, California, the impressive oceanfront estate was originally designed by architect Brion Jeannette to resemble a nautilus shell and features a grandiose open area at the center and chambers that include 8 bedrooms which span outward. The home also includes a 2 story grotto with a pool, two spas, swim-up bar, tunnel slide, poolside lounge room and a barbecue area—pretty much any outdoor-loving resident could dream over. Inside the home nothing is done in moderation either. There is an entertainment level which sports a bowling alley, Art Deco theater, car museum, café, and a gym. The 2 bedroom master suite is approximately 2,000 square feet which quite frankly is larger than some homes in their entirety.

If this home is right up your alley, then unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little because there is no word yet on when (or for how much) a new listing will appear for this Californian mansion.

Via: Luxistphotos