The Views from the Top are Taken


San Francisco’s 60-story Millennium Tower, which was recently profiled in Haute Living has sold both Grand Penthouse Residences. Being the tallest residential building in California, the new owners of Grand Penthouse A and Grand Penthouse B are sure to have quite a view.

Located on the south east corner of the building, Grand Penthouse B sold first for more than $8 million, and Grand Penthouse A, located on the north west corner, recently closed escrow at $10 million.  Although the new owner of A has not been named, hints have been dropped that he was initially in contract to buy Penthouse B, but he was banking on his yacht selling and the initial buyer of A falling out of escrow so he could upgrade. Call it kismet; both events occurred.  This sell happens to coincide with the selling of the Maltese Falcon, which alludes to the chance of Penthouse owner A being former captain of the three mast yacht Tom Perkins.

Nonetheless, whomever the new owners are, they won’t be moving in, or up, yet.  The Grand Penthouses are both just empty shells—waiting for walls, appliances, and furniture.  So although no one will be living the (extremely) high life just yet, the views from the top are officially off the market.

Via Front Steps