The A-Listers New Playground

It looks like the well-known celebrity set of Hollywood now have a new playground to call home. The celebs have slowly but surely been migrating East to fill their shopping, dining, and nightlife needs. The Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles is the new cool where you will find America’s most famous faces on almost any given day. Whether it’s Drew Barrymore hanging in Echo Park or Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler dining at Cliff’s Edge, Silver Lake is now a favorite hot-spot for the paparazzi-stalked and oh-so-envied set of A-listers.

The chic area became a secondary home to the multifaceted entertainment industry that is Hollywood at the height of the 20th century. Numerous production companies and studios set up shop here including the colorful Walt Disney who built his first large studio in the area. Today, Silver Lake is home to the likes of Christina Ricci, Rachel McAdams, Kiefer Sutherland, and Ryan Gosling.

The area is hip, but still somewhat low-key, similar in comparison to Greenwich Village, emitting an ultra chic, bohemian vibe. Vintage apparel rules this roost and the most eclectic and cool pieces can be found at Ozzie Dots, Pull My Daisy, and Squaresville. A well-kept secret, but one that certainly won’t last for long with the neighborhood’s newfound popularity, is The Circle. The Circle is the place to go to find designer tops, pants, skirts, and accessories. Labels like Rachel Pally, Magpie Rita, Mon Petit Oiseau, and Alicia Lawhon are all staples in this treasure chest of a store.

Nightlife is also a must when in Silver Lake, particularly the Cha Cha Lounge. The dimply-lit indie bar and lounge has a Tijuana theme and features a grass hut bar and little red lights. And don’t be surprised to see a rock star or two when drinking and perusing the bar scene. Many alternative bands call this area home so it’s not hard to spot them out socializing amongst the rest of the Silver Lake community.

Frenzied paparazzi and rock stars running the streets? It’s no wonder the A-listers are flocking here. Sounds like a never-ending good time.

Via The Eastsider LA and L.A. Times