For Elon Musk, Everyday is Founder’s Day

Involving himself in a legally risqué hobby, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, apparently gets his kicks by taking credit for starting certain things (companies, for example) that he didn’t necessarily create. Even more confusing, albeit intriguing, is that this time, the serial “founder” has achieved what he falsely claimed in the first place.

While giving oneself credit for the creation of a company the size of Tesla is no small feat, Musk seems to have barely bat an eyelash at the idea, much to the dismay of the real founder, Martin Eberhard, who sued Musk for several allegations — namely libel, slander, and breach of contract. While the suit (filed just shy of three months ago) resulted in Tesla winning quite a bundle of money in federal aid, an ironic twist of fate has occurred. Eberhard has dropped the suit and seems to have had a change of heart, stating that Musk’s contributions to the company have been “extraordinary” as the company’s “co-founder.”

Alas, this is not the first time Musk has been in the struggle for founding rights, in fact, one may even say the act has seemingly become habit forming, considering the similar situation he was involved in with the Internet money transfer system PayPal. Even though he wasn’t involved in the actual conception of PayPal or Tesla, he claims that he was very influential in the company’s childhood, which therefore makes him a founder. Apparently, his definition of “founder” varies from the generally understood meaning by the rest of us.

Via Gawker