CityPlace To Bring Future Luxuries

San Franciscans will soon have some new shopping to do. New stores, new apparel, and new fabulous wardrobes will be popping up from every direction. CityPlace, a five-story Mecca of retail galore that will encompass an approximate yet still impressive 250,000 square feet of retail, is in the works to begin construction. One step needed for the groundbreaking to begin is the environmental impact report to be cleared which is set to be submitted sometime in the fall. However, when the project was first announced, it was said that construction would begin in fall 2009 and be completed by fall 2011. But when does construction run on schedule?

Given that September is coming to a close and the impact report hasn’t been cleared yet, it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving CityPlace with overflowing shopping bags and bright eyes anytime in the immediate future. However, Urban Realty Co., Inc. and Commonfund Realty Inc., the property owners, insist the project is still on the books and scheduled for completion.

Sure, this pleases us to no end but we are ready to shop now! What retailers will move in? What fabulous, out-of-this-world pieces will we purchase? Just thinking about it gives us the goosebumbs in anticipation of the pending retail therapy! Unfortunately, we will just have to wait to find out the mall’s tenants. But once the revitalization of Market Street is complete and CityPlace is open for business, we certainly won’t hesitate on loading up on all the luxuries it offers. Until then, we can only dream of our new designer pieces and revamped closets.

Via Curbed SF