A Diamond on the New York Market

Dennis Mehiel, Westchester’s pronounced businessman and mogul for his corrugated-cardboard manufacturing company, put his award-winning properties at the Carhart Mansion on the market just more than a year ago. Mehiel chose to work alongside Dolly Lenz, powerful and savvy mega-broker to New York’s finest.

The Carhart condominium project was originally listed at $35 million, but was soon reduced to $34.9 million, not necessarily a colossal cutback by any means. After time passed with neither serious interests nor buyers stepping up to the plate, it was decided that the building needed a facelift of sorts.

Brian J. Manning, the new broker assigned to the property cut the price again. However this time, the cut was more drastic, making the offer even more attractive and favorable to say the least. The Carhart condominium project now has a new asking price of $29.5 million, which is sure to turn heads and perk up all ears. The 18-foot-tall sprawling abode features oppulent design details that will delight and tickle even the fanciest of the fancy. The condos are located in prestigious Carnegie Hill, close to beautiful Central Park, and feature anywhere from 7,000- to 14,000-square-feet of luxurious living space. Each unit contains wood-burning fireplaces and private storage areas. With 24-hour doormen and concierge services, this is sure to be a palace of bliss.

Via Just Luxe and New York Observer