Cooking up Luxury: ALNO South Beach Showroom

By Allison Medoff

Thanks to ALNO San Francisco’s new South Beach showroom, kitchens throughout the Bay Area just got a little hauter.


A kitchen is the heart of any home. It can be a place of energy and inspiration, comfort and luxury, pleasure and passion. In a like manner, a poorly designed kitchen can be a source of frustration and heartache over ruined meals and faulty cabinets. ALNO, the heralded German kitchen manufacturer and design firm whose motto is “The Kitchen, Perfected,” has brought its expertise to downtown San Francisco to ensure Bay Area residents never have to deal with sub-par cooking environments again.

The new ALNO San Francisco is owned and operated by Deganit Albalak, who relocated her showroom in Palo Alto to ALNO’s brand new, 2,300-square-foot space in South Beach, San Francisco. While the Palo Alto outpost had experienced untold success during its lifespan, Albalak felt that this centralized location would best serve all members of the community, from interior designers and architects who rely on ALNO products in their work, to home owners looking to upgrade their current environment, to developers who want to incorporate state-of-the-art kitchens in their projects. Beyond the kitchen, ALNO cabinets are the perfect addition to any room in the home, from bathrooms to walk-in closets and beyond.

 With many awards under its belt, industry leaders, designers, and architects obviously regard ALNO as the ultimate source for luxury kitchens.

The showroom’s concrete floors and high ceilings provide the perfect backdrop for the five display kitchens, which are outfitted with the finest appliance, stone, and sink brands on the market. Additional choices can be seen throughout the showroom as well, which incorporates complete environmentally friendly designs. “We created it this way from the beginning,” explains Albalak. “Our showroom is completely energy efficient, from the types of windows and the lighting, to the material used for the floor, and everything in between. We take care of the environment.” All ALNO cabinets are constructed from FSC-certified materials, and feature only the finest wood, glass, gloss, color, and overall architecture.

The concept has been embraced by the community, who flock to the locale for the cooking demonstrations at the functional exhibition kitchen. ALNO San Francisco often holds community events (coming up: a wine tasting by Porter Family Vineyards on July 15), where chefs have an opportunity to show off their talents while proving the versatility and prowess of the ALNO kitchen.

For those who want to incorporate an ALNO concept into their home, in-house interior designers are available to walk customers through the state-of-the-art 3-D kitchen planner, which allows them to get a realistic look at the final kitchen before the construction process begins. Designers are also available to answer any questions that may come up in the planning process and offer their expert opinion when necessary. The professionals can help customers tackle issues like work-zone spacing, ergonomic function, and body-centric design. The contract sales division is also on hand to assist trade professionals. “We serve our customers from A to Z,” explains Albalak, “from the initial design stage all the way through the completion of the project.”

With many awards under its belt, industry leaders, designers, and architects obviously regard ALNO as the ultimate source for luxury kitchens. Thanks to Albalak and ALNO San Francisco, Bay area residents can infuse their homes and condominiums with the finest stylings, which come complete with world-class service.

ALNO San Francisco
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