Architecture Starts Here with SA Baxter


 The company has developed more than 200 designs, unprecedented in the industry.

High-end architectural design company SA Baxter, whose exquisite hardware is often referred to as “jewelry for the home,” is reviving a lost art form and making fully customized hardware by hand in a time of mass production. The company is at the forefront of the architectural design industry and won the industry’s top design award in 2008. SA Baxter manufactures fully customized hardware of stunning complexity in the industry’s widest selection of finishes and alloys.

A foundry and atelier located in New York’s Hudson Valley, SA Baxter’s products are handmade to order by a group of local artisans using both modern and old-world techniques. By marrying the age-old process of lost wax casting-an ancient art form used primarily in jewelry making and sculpture-to 21st century advances, SA Baxter is able to give customers unprecedented freedom in design for the first time.

There’s no question that SA Baxter is at the vanguard of architectural design, making the company a natural selection, and the only architectural hardware company, to be showcased at the prestigious Holly Hunt showroom in Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center. The perfect home for SA Baxter’s architectural hardware, Holly Hunt is known for offering the best of luxury designer collections and for discovering emerging design talent.

SA Baxter has certainly grabbed the world’s attention, with completed projects in the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, South America, United Kingdom, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, and India.  So how does this small company attract such a global clientele? SA Baxter founder Scott Baxter says his strategy has always been about design. “Although we have tremendous respect for classic design and produced many classic designs ourselves, we also have a passion for twisting or redefining them a bit, adding a fresh and unique identity.”

The company has developed more than 200 designs, unprecedented in the industry. To create these elegant contemporary classics, SA Baxter has assembled a core team with backgrounds in product design, CAD, mechanical engineering, and a cadre of talented artisans with expertise in areas like sculpture, metalsmithing, casting, and finishing.

Other hardware manufacturers simply don’t have the ability to allow clients to walk into a showroom with an idea, walk out, and within days hold a design and 3D prototype in their hands. Whether it’s altering size and shape, incorporating a crest or re-creating an intricate design from the past, SA Baxter gives its clients unparalleled freedom and flexibility.

World-class designers and architects are turning to SA Baxter to customize new designs that are virtually impossible for any other company to produce. These partnerships often culminate in exclusive Artisan Series product lines that become part of SA Baxter’s extensive permanent collection of more than 200 products. For its 2009 Artisan Series, SA Baxter selected the Vines Suite, designed by celebrated Los Angeles-based designer Peter Schifando. Last year, world-class designer Anthony Browne’s Nita Suite won Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Best Of Year Product Design Award for 2008.

With the best and most diverse selection of products in the high-end market, SA Baxter has forged a new path within the architectural hardware industry. “We have a competitive edge in the flexibility and depth in our designs,” Baxter concludes. “The use of technology allows us to keep lead times reasonable, quality high, and no design limits, all without sacrificing traditional craftsmanship.”

SA Baxter
200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 716
New York, NY