Doing Business with Bulgari: Briefcases for the Fashionable Man


A powerful man knows that part of his power lies in the perception of the beholder. That perception can be bolstered by wearing custom made suits, having his shoes created by the finest cobbler, and ensuring his overall appearance reflects his station in life. He also knows that carrying the right briefcase into an important meeting lets his contemporaries know he means business, before he even opens his mouth.

If you want to make such a statement, we recommend either of these two briefcases, both by Bulgari, which is celebrating 125 years of impeccable style this year. Joe Briefcase (pictured on the previous page), made from a striking olive crocodile leather, retails for $13,700, and the Eterie Briefcase, pictured here in olive ostrich with light gold-plated hardware, goes for $6,650. It is also available in other colors and materials, which affects the price.