Vanessa Andrews


 “Whether it’s a fabulous horse show, a special fundraiser, or running errands, we work very hard for our clients,” she says. “We’re always ‘on,’ and having fun doing it. What’s the use if you cannot also enjoy yourself and help others while you’re at it?”

Since 1999, Vanessa Andrews has been one of the top-producing, certified luxury realtors in the country. Her road to real estate stardom included many diverse avenues such as acting, modeling, and film production.

Born into a family of film producers, directors, and authors, it should come as no surprise that Vanessa is blessed with the “Midas touch” when it comes to her own career. Her grandfather, Kurt Neumann, produced and directed such Hollywood classics as the original version of The Fly and some of the best-loved Tarzan movies. Her mother, Lynn V. Andrews, is a lecturer and New York Times best selling author of 23 books and her father, Kurt Neumann, Jr. was the former head of feature films at Warner Bros. Studios. As a Beverly Hills native, her California roots, business, and travels introduced her to some of the world’s most luxurious properties. Her unique background also provided ample opportunity to meet and interact with Hollywood’s elite, leading her to cultivate many lasting friendships in the industry and beyond.

Vanessa’s career had a natural progression into the business world after she completed a degree in marketing. Her passion for real estate ignited after she was inspired by a close family friend, flamboyant Beverly Hills realtor and former actress, the late Elaine Young, who specialized in promoting luxury real estate on television. Shortly after graduating college and starting two companies, fate changed her direction again in the form of her husband-to-be, a handsome Texas investment banker, real estate developer and former Anheuser-Busch distributor, who—in her own words—“stole her heart.” The newlyweds moved back to his hometown of Dallas-Fort Worth, where they continue to live happily today.

Like her colleague, company owner Marilyn Hoffman, who pioneered the luxury real estate market in Texas, Vanessa has had a lifelong love of beautiful things, including spectacular show horses. A devoted equestrian since her youth, she has competed at the national level and met her future business partner at one such competition more than 10 years ago. Complementing each other’s strengths, these dynamic and very different ladies discovered that sharing their passion for luxury real estate, business, and philanthropy, as well as their beloved show horses, made for a fantastic and highly successful business team. Their business acumen includes equal parts superior unique marketing skills and savvy understanding of finance. Today, Hoffman International Properties continues to break records in the sale of select ultra-luxury properties while remaining small and specialized to maximize the benefit to its clients.

In Texas, they say everything is bigger, including the real estate market, which statistically has remained positive through the world’s economic downturn. Even while prices spiked on the East and West Coasts, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has maintained relative steady sales, thanks in part to the location, workforce, and value that the region has to offer. For example, just an hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Vanessa just listed a beautiful 1,200-acre ranch estate with an 8,500-plus-square-foot luxury home and pool on a hill with grand horse facilities, guesthouse and a 100-plus-acre private lake for less than $4 million dollars.

One can find Vanessa and Marilyn promoting their exclusive real estate listings by sponsorships and exhibits at such world-class events as the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, major golf tournaments, elite classic car shows, and major charity events such as The Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, the Best Buddies Gala in the Hamptons and Washington area, and fundraisaers held at Mar-A-Lago. This month Hoffman International Properties is sponsoring the Cameo Ball in Scottsdale and the Diffa Gala in Dallas.

Vanessa explains that the social aspect is part of the process. “Whether it’s a fabulous horse show, a special fundraiser, or running errands, we work very hard for our clients,” she says. “We’re always ‘on,’ and having fun doing it. What’s the use if you cannot also enjoy yourself and help others while you’re at it?” Her keen eye for luxury properties and her savvy business sense have earned her accolades and recognition in the United States and beyond. Numerous publications and others have solicited her real estate expertise for a number of national and international segments. Recently, her career has come full-circle, as Vanessa is once again in front of the camera. This time, the only character she is interested in playing is that of a successful luxury real estate agent on ABC and HDNet’s luxury home shows.

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