Poochie Pampering


By Mary Mullaj

Brand new luxury hotel in California is for the dogs. The affluent dogs, that is, or as the hotel likes to categorize them, the “Distinguished/Dog.” The 13,500-sqaure-foot Hollywood D Pet Hotel offers a promising alternative to the doghouse, with hotel and spa amenities to alleviate the guilt of leaving your pooch while you are away.

First and foremost, the hotel provides modern luxury boarding for your “Distinguished/Dog.”  Rooms range from the basic “bowWow” design with a doggie bed and small flat screen TV to the “Uber” luxury suite that has a standard queen size bed, a 42″ flat screen TV and extensive dog-appealing décor.  No news yet on how the dogs will change the channel or how interior decorators discovered which color scheme dogs prefer.

The hotel also offers the very best in doggie daycare since while the owners are away, the dogs will play. For entertainment the hotel has three dog runs, which are segregated by size for safety and fun. There is also a grooming and spa center, should you decide your dog needs a horrible bath or trim while you are on vacation. There is also an adjoining boutique, should your pet decide that it needs to purchase some organic treats or a Chromebones brand leash. A chauffeur will transport your furry friend to and from the hotel, and there is a 24-hour vet on call for unforeseen grass eating.  Another amenity pets might enjoy is a custom photo shoot by Furtograph, which can be done with its entire canine posse.  It’s enough to make any human jealous.

Via Curbed LA