Jet of the Week: 2001 Beech Jet 400 Business Jet


What’s in a name? For the 2001 Beech Jet 400 Business Jet, quite a bit. Its heritage dates back to the creation of its predecessor, the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond, which was originally constructed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. After production rights were later sold to Beechcraft, this executive jet was renamed the Beech Jet 400 and was originally certified for flight in 1985. Though still called the Beech Jet 400 by some today, it is also known as the Hawker 400 reflecting its eventual purchase by Raytheon/Beechcraft and their acquisition of Hawker business jet products from British Allegiance. So regardless of its current nomenclature, the Beech Jet 400 carries a grand lineage of aeronautical expertise.

The Beech Jet 400 is known for its durability, range and speed while providing quaint and luxurious accommodations. Two turbofan engines whisk you away at over 500 mph and at a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. And with a range of nearly 1600 miles, continental destinations are easily attained most anywhere. Up to eight passengers comfortable enjoy hassle-free travel while being able to relax, conduct business or simply enjoy the ride. For the executive traveler, the Beech Jet 400 offers reliability and elegance that has set the standard for business jet travel. That is why flying on this luxury plane has become accepted as “a sure thing.”

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