Bazaar at SLS


By Mary Mullaj

We already informed you about how the new SLS Hotel is the epitome of chic. And now, we can take it one step further. The space is downright decadent, thanks to its restaurant, The Bazaar. Bazaar consists of several gathering areas that overflow onto one main space, so while the plan is open, every area has its own mood, set by the unique Philippe Starck décor (complete with 177 different styles of chair!) and its own menu, created by chef Jose Andres. The idea is to wander from one space to another, enjoying the environment and sampling the fare, creating the ultimate culinary journey.

To start with, there’s Bar Centro, which is the most lounge-like space in the hotel.  Innovative cocktails, such a margarita with salt air, are served alongside caviar and a raw bar at a 30 seat communal table. Then there is Royo y Blanca, with rustic wood tables, a hydroponic mini-garden and a decidedly Mediterranean terrace. Andres whips up authentic Spanish tapas, and juxtaposes them with innovative interpretations of the dishes. For example, you could pair a Manchego cheese with “liquid olives.”  For dessert, there is Patisserie, a sugary pink space with a glass encased pastry kitchen as the focal point. Sweets include cakes, candies, and fruit desserts. Also part of the Bazaar is Moss, a museum-like retail space that hotel guests must walk through to enter the dining area of Bazaar.

While the description of Bazaar might sound chaotic, and a bit like a glorified food court, keep in mind that it might be one of those places that must be experienced in order to be appreciated. And it it’s just too overwhelming, there is always Saam, set apart from Bazaar but still part of Jose Andres’ kitchen. It’s a very exclusive private dining room paneled with bookshelves. To gain access to this secret space, reservations must be made six months in advance, and the entrance is in the back.

Via Luxury Insider