Won’t you Take Miami to Funkshion Town

By Cristina Rosell


Fashion Week Miami inaugurates its 11th season by showcasing the latest haute trends by mega-star designers including Russell Simmons, Cristina Ferrari, and Susan Fixel.  Simmon’s refreshing new line, Argyle Culture, promises to explode onto Miami’s colorful fashion scene by combining bright hues with classic elegance in a style both relevant yet reminiscent of the leisure sensibility characterized by the 1920s. (The show is taking place on Friday at 9 p.m. on Friday at the Setai.) Meanwhile, Ferrari’s Fisico line, which features prêt-a-porter beachwear, hopes to meet with excitement and approval in a city dominated by its romance with the sea.

Concerned with more than just high fashion and desirable décolletage, Funkshion intends to raise awareness of contemporary social plights in an effort to promote healthier lifestyles.  Funkshion will host its first ever “Red Dress Fashion Show” so as to highlight the devastating threat of cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of women.  Keeping in theme with Miami’s bold character, this brazen hue celebrates female agency and sexuality as women strive to contend with plaguing heart failure.  Likewise, Funkshion will partner with Clean Plant Funding to highlight the importance of green building in an era polluted by carbon footprints and greenhouse effects.  Further cultivating their role as an environmental protector, Funkshion will honor one individual with the prestigious Emerging Designers Award, which grants a cash prize and free representation for one year by David Sugarman, CEO of Management Company Sugartime Inc.  The winner of this lucrative prize must design a stylish yet functional line using only organic materials, a growing trend among the even most haute designers.

This year’s Funkshion Fashion Week promises luxurious dress wear that will give even Paris’ top-of-the-line fashion week a run for its money.  The party kicks off tonight with ANIDADES Magia De La Moda at runway show at 8 p.m. at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens followed by Bejeweled Swimwear at The Setai at 10pm. The Bejeweled after-party at The Setai (hosted by Glass) will start swinging immediately following the runway show. Visit Funkshion for more details.