The Palace of Los Angeles: The Palazzo

By Felicity Sargent

The Palazzo offers luxury living in the heart of Los Angeles without the hassles of ownership.


It is rare to find a true slice of serenity in a city that is known for its hustle and bustle, and even harder to find it within close proximity to the greatest attractions. Luckily, Los Angeles has been blessed with The Palazzo. With two centrally located communities, East and West, The Palazzo collectively offers one of the finest residential communities in the city.

 Of the 1,132 units, the crowing jewels are the unique and opulent penthouses.

The Palazzo rental community is run by AIMCO, an investment and management company that takes immense pride in the quality of each of their business endeavors. The Palazzo reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence, as it provides the city’s elite demographic an opportunity to live in the utmost luxury without making the long-term commitment of buying a property.

Just minutes from downtown Beverly Hills and moments from West Hollywood, The Palazzo has every detail of healthy, happy, and luxurious living covered. A full-service day spa with a variety of treatments, an indoor Jacuzzi, sauna, and a relaxation spa/lounge offer refuge from the chaos that lay outside the property’s gates, while personalized fitness training, including house calls, offers residents the quality care that they deserve. The concierge can handle virtually any request, whether a necessity or just a frivolous indulgence. With virtually every service imaginable, it comes as no surprise that this posh community is inhabited by some of the nation’s most high-profile individuals.

The Palazzo prides itself on creating a sense of community amongst its residents. The buildings offer a plethora of high-end activities for denizens to partake in, such as dinners catered by the city’s finest dinning establishments, jazz and dance nights, wine tastings or martini nights, or other such luxe activities. As a result, residents flock to the building’s common areas-the pool scene has been noted as one of the most happening in a city where extravagance is commonplace.

Of the 1,132 units, the crowing jewels are the unique and opulent penthouses. The oversized 2,000-plus-square-foot units offer magnificent views from the terraces (which range up to 800-square-feet), and there are several floor plans to choose from. The eco-friendly interiors abound with modern technologies, including plasma screen TVs. These coveted units come complete with variety of services exclusive to penthouse residents, including access to a paint design specialists and interior designers.

AIMCO has established The Palazzo as one of the top residential communities in L.A. by offering all of the benefits of ownership without any of the hassle. AIMCO Vice President David Doyle sums up life at the community: “It’s really not about where you live, it’s how you live.” And nothing proves this statement better than the Palazzo East and West.