Taking Green to the Next Level at Back Nine Greens

Considering Back Nine Greens’ energy-efficient synthetic grass as a landscaping solution for your property is a smart choice to help preserve and conserve the environment, water, and your pocketbook.


Being green is one of today’s hottest topics, yet “being green” is more than a buzzword-implementing standards today will ultimately sustain and solidify a healthy and prosperous tomorrow. Now is the time to be proactive and think about how our precious resources are utilized.

 Many cities currently offer rebate programs for homes and business that install artificial lawns, allowing even faster returns.

Back Nine Greens specializes in offering homeowners and property managers, as well as municipalities, an attractive and easy solution to not only go green all year long, but also to help conserve one of our most precious resources: water.

“It used to be that synthetic greens were a big item for the golf enthusiast who wanted to practice putting on a daily basis,” stated Dominic Nappi, president and founder of Back Nine Greens synthetic turf. “But we’ve seen a major change: People want to replace their grass with the idea of saving water and reducing monthly gardening costs. We’ve also seen a large growth with our commercial sector that serves cities, apartment management companies, and landscape architects.”

Establishing water conservation practices has clearly become a global necessity. Water is vital to our environment, our quality of life, and to our economy. And with Governor Schwarzenegger recently declaring a statewide drought for California (the first in 17 years), the possibility of emergency water rationing is being addressed for the first time in its 160-year history. He advises all Californians to recognize the severity of the crisis and to cutback usage by a fifth.

Still, with synthetic grass, you don’t have to sacrifice owning a pristine green lawn during a drought. It endures the elements all year long, and has the same appearance, the same feel, and responds the same way as natural lawn. Smooth, flexible, and soft to the touch, this low-maintenance turf alternative is pet and child friendly, provides an allergy-free outdoor living environment, and is a pleasure for golfers in search of the perfect private putting green.

This is a wise investment that ends up paying for itself in just a few years. Self-sustainable, it never needs seeding, mowing, or a single drop of water, affording immediate savings on utility bills and landscape maintenance costs. Many cities currently offer rebate programs for homes and business that install artificial lawns, allowing even faster returns.

Whether you’re planning that ideal putting green, a sunbathing area near the pool, a dog run, or a child’s play area, everyone will enjoy the advantages of synthetic grass. Made of long-lasting UV resistant materials, there is no fading nor damage incurred from wind, rain, snow and ice. Leaves, twigs, and plant debris are easily removed with a blower, and these beautiful lawns have a 15- to 25-year life expectancy.

Businesses can also benefit, saving water on vaster areas of property landscaping. Hotels, office parks, athletic grounds, retail centers, schools, and health care facilities can all realize the cost-saving advantages while making a positive impact on our environment.

The goal of each of us doing our part in the conservation of one of our most precious resources is an important responsibility. We need to be creative and forthright as we strive to make our homes and businesses more energy smart. A synthetic lawn is not only a wise decision, but also a responsible one.