Now Hear This: The Ferguson Hill loudspeakers

The Ferguson Hill loudspeakers are full range units with high style, complimenting any contemporary décor. The highly efficient speakers produce music with high levels of clarity, detail, and dynamics. They are able to reach high volumes with very low wattage, thus requiring relatively low powered amplifiers.


The stands are welded stainless steel constructions, satin polished with internal damping, integral spikes, and supplied floor protector discs. The 8-mm-thick horns are made from tough cast acrylic that has been precision molded into the shape, which is reminiscent of an old phonograph, albeit with a very modern upgrade.

The system, which goes from 150 hertz to 20 kilohertz with no crossover, requires a sub bass/subwoofer below 150 hertz. The speakers are priced at $17,500 each, while the matching bass unit goes for $4,500.