Jet of the Week: 2007 Eurocopter Twinstar AS355


While smoothness and quietness may not always be synonymous with helicopter travel, the 2007 Eurocopter Twinstar AS355 has both of these features in addition to many others. Whether you seek executive travel or have specific needs for filming, rescue or surveillance, the Twinstar allows the best in safety and performance. With twin engines and many redundant systems, high level safety provides peace of mind even when enjoying travel over populated areas, large bodies of water and mountainous regions. The Twinstar’s range of 605 miles as well as a maximum speed of over 170 mph provides not only great distance in its flight, but a stabilizing platform that creates a luxuriously smooth ride. Enjoy incredible views while truly relaxing in comfort.

With the ability to indulge 5 passengers in forward-facing leather seating, the Twinstar’s cabin supplies luxury accommodations. And with a hover noise of less than 75 decibels, a serene helicopter experience allows you to focus on the views at hand. Combine this with its sleek style, black and gold exterior enhancements, and easy maneuverability, the Twinstar boasts elegant travel abilities for even those most selective. If you are ready to immerse in adventurous travel and acquire a new perspective of the world around you, choose the luxurious approach with a Eurocopter Twinstar AS355. Intertwining excitement with luxury will create an experience to remember!

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