Thirsty? Got $4,000 to spare? Then check this out.


By Sean Ballent

In the year 1990, Bordeaux produced what would prove to be an extraordinary and breathtaking vintage in the modern history of winemaking. The summer had been the driest in more than 30 years and the finest wine-growing region in the world nervously waited for rain.  The thunderstorms and showers finally came in September and October allowing the water-stressed vines to recommence metabolism, thus ripening the grapes. A robust crop was born becoming history in the making.

In a few hours, the Ninth Annual benefit “Once-in-a-Lifetime Blockbuster Wine Tasting Dinner,” will be held in one of the most exquisite private townhouses New York’s Greenwich Village has to offer.  The tasting will feature The Vintage of the Century: 1990 Bordeaux, which highlights dozens of different wines rated 96 or higher by Robert Parker, five of them rated a perfect 100. The evening will begin with a Champagne reception (Dom Perignon) at 6:30 p.m and will be followed by the dinner and tasting at 7:15 p.m.  A renowned New York chef will prepare gourmet dishes to accompany each of the extraordinary vintages. In case you were wondering, the wine will be served by the erstwhile Windows on the World sommelier staff. Due to the limited availability of the wines (all which are donated), the guest list is limited to forty oenophiles. The contribution required is a meager $4,000. For more information, contact