Jet of the Week: 1970 Gulfstream II SP Private Jet


Despite the many benefits that luxury jet travel offers, the combination of spacious comfort, speed, and distance represents the pinnacle of success. These features are characteristic of the 1970 Gulfstream II SP which elegantly achieves this goal. The contemporary feel of this work of art is firmly entrenched in the interior décor. Cherry-colored wood highlights contrast the rich ivory leather seats as does the plush maroon and beige carpeting. As many as twelve guests may enjoy the best in air travel comfort. And if you prefer to recline, a full length sofa offers optimal relaxation while in flight. As rich as any luxury accommodations, this Gulfstream II SP presents an indulgence not expected at 39,000 feet.

While its comfort is impressive, perhaps its performance is even moreso. Two Rolls-Royce 511-8 engines enable a speed of 500 mph and a range of over 4000 miles. Not only is your travel time-efficient, but your range of travel destinations quite broad. These features make the Gulfstream II SP ideal for executive travel cross-country or overseas. When your travels have little tolerance for delays and compromises, private jet travel on the Gulfstream II SP appeases those needs and rewards you with so much more. Choosing this form of luxury travel defines “traveling in style.”

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