Jet of the Week: 2004 Gulfstream V Private Jet


Executive air travel can provide many conveniences, but if “ultra” long range with a short travel time is desired, the Gulfstream V Private Jet is a preferred mode of luxury travel. The twin turbo-fanned BR710 engines designed by Rolls Royce and BMW easily create a cruising speed of 560 mph. And with a range of over 7000 miles, long range destinations can be reached in record time. Initially introduced in 1998, the Gulfstream V has been providing luxury business travel for years. Accommodations provide comfort and pleasure at 51,000 feet for as many as 16 people not including the pilot and co-pilot. The Gulfstream V is one of the best experiences private jet travel has to offer.

In addition to its direct travel benefits, the Gulfstream V has many technological luxuries as well. Satellite-based GPS and a flight management systems equipped with auto-pilot navigation are standard. Enhanced weather radar and vision systems for inclement conditions enable state-of-the-art avionics to provide the best in flight safety. The Gulfstream V even boasts secure voice and data capabilities if the need arises. Choosing to travel in the elegance of a Gulfstream V allows you to enjoy the serenity and efficiency of private air travel. Arrive relaxed and refreshed while relishing an exceptional travel experience.

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