Coppola’s Core Values


In Louis Vuitton’s Core Values ad campaign, we see the Maison in reflection. Standing atop a proud 150 year heritage, the mark has much to stand for. Through the campaign, LV speaks of celebrating l’art du voyage which it calls a personal, intimate experience where the itinerant soul makes acquaintance with a different place and time.

In the newest image for the campaign, shot by Annie Lebovitz, two generations of Coppolas will meet in conversation on a grassy field outside of Buenos Aires. Lebovitz, known for her long association with Vanity Fair and her closer relationship with her subjects, is perhaps the best known modern day American portrait photographer. Her work captures visual musings and her subjects seem to be in close communion with place and time, which makes her almost pre-ordained to shoot the Core Values campaign.

In April, Sophia Coppola traveled to Buenos Aires for the shoot where her father was filming Tetro, his newest work which will tell of an Italian man searching for his brother in Argentina. During the shoot the two spoke of their mutual art, as Francis Ford told his daughter about the script for Tetro. He also teased Lebovitz for her large production team, claiming that he was shooting his movie with a smaller crew than she was for this unique family portrait.

In earlier images for the same campaign, Mikhail Gorbachev pales while passing the Berlin Wall and Keith Richards broods in a hotel room, lamps shrouded in skull stamped silk. The Coppola image will be unveiled this fall.

Via Vanity Fair