World’s First 60.5-Megapixel Camera


While the average person happily gloats about their 8.1 megapixel digital camera and 5 megapixel camera phones, the big boys out there are rocking things in a league so far ahead of ours there is literally no comparison. Leading the pack is Phase One who has just announced the 60.5-megapixel P 65+ digital back and camera system. That effectively means images with 8,984 x 6,732 pixel resolution, which means files that are a whopping 180MB, 8-bit RGB!

Using Sensor+ CCD technology, the cam can give pro photographers higher sensitivity and expanded dynamic range (12.5 f-stops when most cameras go up to eight) as well as 20 percent more live capture area (as compared with the 39 megapixel or 50 megapixel 48mm-by-36mm chips currently available). Of course all this megapixel and fine photography goodness costs a whole lot more than your average digicam, with the P 65+ digital back starting at $39,900 and the P 65+ camera system starting at $41,990.

Via BornRich