Smells Like Gold


David Yurman worshippers have been adorning their wrists, ears, necks, and fingers with Yurman’s stunning and classic designs for years, but now the jewelry designer has made it possible for his customers to smell just as good as they look. Inspired by Yurman’s iconic Cable Collection, David Yurman eau de parfum exudes the same beauty as his gorgeous collections.

So what does cabled gold smell like, exactly? Reminiscent of the faceted jewels in the collection, the art-worthy bottle contains delicate scents of peony and water lily, exotic woods, soft musk, sensual patchouli, vibrant mandarin, fresh green petals, cassis, and the most exquisite of all the blended ingredients, rose otto. The golden jewel of luxurious scent is captured in pressed Italian crystal, and crowned with a remarkable cable cap.

David Yurman’s highly anticipated gilded fragrance will be available for purchase in Fall 2008. So for only $120 for a 1.7 oz bottle of eau de parfum spray or $165 for the 2.5 oz bottle, you’ll own a little piece of Yurman. Which is a steal, considering his pieces range from several hundred to almost $10,000. Pre-sale of the David Yurman fragrance collection is currently available on the David Yurman website.