EGO Bentley Laptop case


Roll and scroll in style with the new Bentley for Ego Laptop launched at the British Motor Show last Friday. It’s the chicest companion for keeping in touch on the go, in the office or even on the town. With authentically Bentley built-in chrome carry handle (modeled after the motor’s door handle), iconic “knurling” etching, and signature leather and lacquer finishes, the Ego Laptop is not only an accessory but a necessity.

The computer itself features Microsoft Vista Ultimate software, a 64 bit processor,
160 Gb Hard drive, 12 direct access keys to make Wifi, Bluetooth, Webcam, and Media Center.

Ego Lifestyle B.V. has been making bespoke laptops since 2003 from its headquarters and high-end atelier in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. The laptop exteriors are encrusted in practically anything that suits one’s most luxurious of fantasies-from diamonds and white gold to shark, eel, and ray skins.
The design coupled with the endless capabilities made Ego the 2008 Winner of Microsoft’s Fashion PC Award.

The Ego for Bentley laptop, available in 10 color schemes, is set to retail at Selfridges in London later this August.

Price: £10,000 (about $19,625)
Via Luxist: