Bottling Luxury


Modern luxury is perhaps best found in the synergy of the simplest beauty and the most advanced of technology- a union forged to solve the problems of everyday life with an elegant twist. The Bottler is an ideal symbol of that spirit. For those inclined to open a bottle of Champagne on a yacht, yet disinclined to spill a drop, this ultimate accessory fits the bill. Hand manufactured in the Netherlands the Bottler employs Cardanic suspension to hold a bottle perfectly upright despite the unavoidable pitch and roll of sea travel. The Bottler owes much to Gerolamo Cardano, friend to Leonardo Da Vinci and inventor of the combination lock, Cardanic suspension and author of two encyclopedias. Inspired by the work this 16th century genius, the Bottler engages the same wondrous technology as a gravity-defying gyroscope but is a closer cousin to a gimbaled compass. Three concentric rings balance against each other to hold the charmed bottle perpetually perpendicular with the precision of a Swiss watch. The Bottler was first unveiled at the 11th Nantucket Wine Festival where the first Bottler was presented to Mike Kittredge, proud owner of the Paraffin which boasts a 400 bottle “wine cellar” in the dining room. The Bottler also made a splash (or prevented one as it were) on the Princess Iolanthe at the 17th annual Monaco Yacht Show, the only show worldwide devoted exclusively to Superyachts at least 25 meters (~82 feet) in length.

The Bottler comes in three options: brass, nickel or gold-plated so that it can suit any interior and will cost between €5,000 and €10,000.

via Luxist