Simmons on Diamonds


Philanthropist and entrepreneur Russell Simmons has recently introduced a refreshing and cruelty-free take on the diamond industry, and more specifically, the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Dedicated to promoting high education for Africans, the DEF has already raised $9 million and counting. While meeting with Nelson Mandela, Simmons learned that a considerable portion of a number of Africans’ income stems from the sale of diamonds-sales often preventing starvation. Simmons has attracted another celebrity, Seal, who has begun working on a DEF-inspired jewelry line with Mouwad.

Simmons, who believes that all of us are connected, is using his celebrity power to globalize the message of peace and empowerment. Through the sale of his jewelry line, he has brought in a considerable sum for the CIDA school in Africa. His malachite bead bracelet, called the Green Bracelet, is sold at retailers such as Macy’s and Kay Jewelers.

Via Luxist