Easy for the Ego


For a particular echelon of consumer, Ego Lifestyle BV promises to take the “personal” in personal computer to new heights. In 2006, this fashion-oriented Netherlands-based company introduced the first notebook computer to incorporate materials like fabric, leather and even Swarovski crystals. Coyly, it carries like designer handbag, sleek and stylish, and looks like the ultimate ornament; until it opens to reveal the latest in notebook technology.

As a testament to its union of form and function, the company was awarded the Microsoft Fashion PC awards in January of this year by a panel of trendsetters, including Nigel Barker, a fashion photographer best known for his role in America’s Next Top Model.

Founder and Chairman Huub van den Boogaard took the name for his brainchild from the phrase “Easy Going” but considering the distinction his product bestows on its user it is a sure shot in the arm to any psyche. Fully interchangeable skins allow the notebook to reflect the user’s moods and whims during any ego-trip. A sedate leather-wrapped option for the more classic-minded consumer contrasts with the exotic Eel perfect for the more adventurous at heart. For those with a nose for extravagance, the Ego Diamond sparkles with hand-set diamonds resting in 18 carat white gold.

Available in stores across Europe and in one in North America, Ego notebooks infuse the most essential modern technology with the very best in haute design. The Dutch beauties made their first landing in the U.S. on Miami Beach.

The Ego Signature, the base model starts at €6,950. For more information go to www.ego-lifestyle.com