Jagger’s Dagger: Jade Jagger


 The extravaganza is reserved for those who order magnums of Belvedere, which will come complete with a solid block of ice to be hand-chipped tableside using the Jagger Dagger.

Jade Jagger, daughter of famed rock ‘n’ roll legend Mick, is carving her own niche, despite the obvious challenges of following in her famous father’s footsteps. Her initial career path led her to a stint as creative director and jewelry designer for Garrard. After a decade with the legendary jewelry company, John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck’s property development firm, YOO Group, appointed Jagger creative director of her own self-titled division: Jade Jagger for YOO. The brand’s $90 million Manhattan condo tower-fittingly dubbed “Jade”-features the famous daughter’s interior designs. Jagger also currently promotes Jezabel, a lifestyle venture that fuses music, fashion, and clothing through unique recordings and art. But Jagger’s most recent and recognizable endeavor is a $250,000 ice dagger that is, as she puts it, “taking a common ice pick and turning it into something truly beautiful and desirable.”

The “Jagger Ice Dagger” boasts an 18-karat white gold hilt studded with 12 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds and is inlaid with 42 spectacular pale sapphires. The chunky handle is bound with a twisted thread of white gold and crowned with a giant moonstone and lapis lazuli bead. Directly above the blade sits a magnificent blue lapis lazuli square. “I chose lapis to stand at the top of the Belvedere Jagger Ice Dagger as it is a stone that holds so much ancient mystery and I feel it has so much presence,” explains Jagger. “I’ve always loved its cosmic appearance-the flecks of gold throughout the stone. I combined the deep blues of this rock with sapphires and diamonds to create an incredible combination of blues and whites.”

The blade is created from mirror-polished carbon steel adorned with the signature frosted tree branches found on Belvedere bottles. With inspiration from Arthurian legend and Viking mythology, the ice dagger promises to impress, but only for a select few as a limited amount of daggers have been created (and with a price tag exceeding $250,000, no doubt). For those who covet a piece of the glamour but don’t feel the need to drop a quarter million, less-bedazzled daggers are available with prices starting at around $10,000.

The dagger itself, however, is really only the beginning. Belvedere is planning to showcase the ice pick in top nightclubs around the world, including Crystal in London, VIP in Paris, and 1OAK in New York. The extravaganza is reserved for those who order magnums of Belvedere, which will come complete with a solid block of ice to be hand-chipped tableside using the Jagger Dagger. Although it’s not all smoke and mirrors; irregularly-shaped chunks of ice melt slower than standard cubes, resulting in colder vodka without diluting the distinctive taste. “The ceremony of using hand-cut ice is one that was also used in Japan,” says Jagger. “I always find these ancient techniques so timeless and awe-inspiring. We wanted to create an experience that was brought up to the 21st century.”

As a way of celebrating the flawless collaboration, Belvedere will also introduce a series of star-studded events this spring. Jade will front the party train as it moves across the globe, starting in New York and Los Angeles followed by Mumbai, London, and Cannes before ending in Ibiza in May. All aboard! But regardless of how wild the party gets, please be prudent: no drinking and daggering-you’ll have to leave that to the experts.