The Morton Meeting


Tired of sleepy pinstripe gatherings in a stark boardroom? Thanks to Morton’s, business meetings have never sounded more appetizing. According to Dealmakers, a real estate trade rag, a new Morton’s Steakhouse is opening its first outpost in Brooklyn, and will tout private boardrooms holding up to 100 people.

Manhattan’s professional elite can review financial statements or pretend to ingest PowerPoint presentations while power-sawing into one of Morton’s juicy “double” porterhouses. This reprieve from the average boardroom setting will unfold within the proposed 14,500-square-foot restaurant located on the ground floor of the recently expanded Marriott hotel and will seat up to 300 guests.

Exclusive to the Adams Street locale, the restaurant-bar hybrid, Bar 12*21, introduces a smart dining concept of specialty cocktails and a menu of tasty “bar bites.” With restaurant innovators solving the doldrums of the typical corporate meeting, all eyes eagerly anticipate what will be done to improve the mundane conference call. Yum.

Via Bellybusters