Diamond Studded MasterCard


As if the American Express Black Card, the $5M Holiday Dream Card, and the new Sotheby’s MasterCard weren’t exclusive enough, here’s the true credit card for the ultra-elite: Dubai First’s diamond-studded Royale MasterCard, a black and gold handcrafted credit card with a certified solitaire diamond embedded in its crest.

But you can’t just go out and apply for it. The Royale, as its name suggests, is an invitation-only card whose eligibility requires more than just a high-income level. In order to be invited to enjoy the benefits of the card, prospective members have to be evaluated on the basis of social standing and profile.

Some of the privileges of becoming a Royale MasterCard holder include a personal relationship manager to help meet all of your financial and personal lifestyle needs; personalized services through the Royale’s global affiliations including yachts, polo clubs, and VIP restaurant services; as well as a business package that allows you to order a set of four key personal services in more than 13 international locations. Oh, and did I mention it has no pre-set spending limit?

The idea of the card is to create an all-in-one package for the movers and shakers of the business world that can meet all last-minute requests as well as offer the inside scoop on select events you may be interested in attending. Basically, the card would become part of your everyday life.

Via Born Rich