Beach This: Eric Omores


 The hotel is located at the northwest point of the island, right above Grace Point.

By Jennifer Seligman

Nikki Beach, one of the world’s most recognizable lifestyle and entertainment brands, is expanding into the luxury boutique hotel and resort business with the introduction of its first full-service resort and marina complex in the Turks & Caicos. Senegal, Africa-born Eric Omores, one of the partners of Nikki Beach Group, has been part of many exciting ventures in the past-from his stint at Club Med and spinning at LA club 20/20 to opening dance clubs in Dominican Republic (Barock) and South Beach (Bash), which all prepared him for his latest venture. In 1999, Omores joined Jack and Lucia Penrod in order to expand the Café Nikki concept into a festive daytime beach club on Ocean Drive, which has expanded into 14 beach clubs across the globe. The brand is in the midst of morphing into a global lifestyle brand, complete with hotels and resorts fit for the elite traveler.

Haute Living With so many vacation spots to choose from, what sets Nikki Beach properties apart from other resort destinations?

Eric Omores The lifestyle that we have created-it started out as a restaurant and became a lifestyle concept. There is the bar/restaurant atmosphere, there is a great party scene; it’s really a get-together of all the right people at the right time.

HL How many hotels, resorts, condos, and properties do you currently own under the Nikki Beach brand?

EO Almost 15 deals are signed and sealed right now. The first one is opening on April 5 in the Turks & Caicos. Right now, we mostly have hotels, but as a lot of companies do today, we also have condo-hotels. We do this formula as well. Eventually the ratio of hotels to condos should be about equal.

HL Out of the 15 or so hotels, how many of these are 4- or 5-star?

EO We mostly go for 4-stars. If the destination allows for it, we go for 5-stars.

HL What is your favorite Nikki Beach property or hotel?

EO No favorite, per se. The great thing about our locations is the same reason that we choose them: they are unique. There is a mystique about them.

HL What are the advantages of buying a condominium through Nikki Beach as opposed to staying in one of the available hotels?

EO When you stay at Nikki Beach, you become part of it. You’re into the lifestyle we have created. The service is great. The people are all looking for a certain lifestyle, which you get at Nikki Beach. With the condos, it becomes your own choice. You come whenever you want. There is more freedom because you own it.

HL Tell us a little bit about the new development in Turks & Caicos.

EO This is our first hotel opening. So far, our response has been really great. The hotel is located at the northwest point of the island, right above Grace Point. It will have all of the amenities, restaurants, beaches, and a great ambiance. Turks & Caicos is a pristine place. I’m just glad that we could find a place on such a pretty island.

HL What are the most unique facilities and amenities offered at this resort?

EO It is an amazing site-the perfect place to relax, party, go diving, or enjoy the beaches, restaurants, great food, and the ambiance.

HL We like that Nikki Beach Turks & Caicos includes a marina.

EO It’s actually the world’s first-ever ecologically friendly megayacht marina, designed to protect and preserve the pristine waters of the Turks & Caicos islands.

HL Which upcoming locations are you most excited about opening?

EO After the Turks & Caicos, Panama will be next. Cape Verde is also in the works, and I’m really thrilled about Asia-Bali and Thailand.

HL What are your plans for the future of the Nikki Beach brand?

EO To open up Nikki Beach resorts in Saint-Tropez, St. Barths-as many hotels as we can in some of the most unique places in the world. Our brand, integrity, and concept are the most important. We must always keep ahead of what others are doing.